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OG 2015 Video Explanations


At Aristotle Prep, our goal is to make test prep simpler, more effective and affordable for students.  In keeping with that spirit, here is our latest offering for you – video solutions to OG 13/2015 RC and CR questions straight from our co founder and in house expert – Sarfraz Yusuf.

Sarfraz has a very unique style of approaching questions, something which students who study from him say they benefit immensely from. Doubt clearing sessions conducted by Sarfraz (whether online or offline) always run to packed houses. Until now, this expertise was only available to students who studied from Sarfraz (and he does very few classes owing to time constraints). However, we have now decided to make this expertise freely available to all students; simply click the links below and watch Sarfraz take you through OG arguments and passages in his own singular style.

A word of advice here – the idea behind these videos is not to provide you with better or more meaningful explanations than the OG. The idea is to show you how Sarfraz would approach these questions – how he would understand a particular argument or passage and how he would go about selecting or eliminating options. You’ll see him read just single words and eliminate options; you’ll also see him read one sentence and infer five different things that you may not even have thought of. All in all you will find his videos immensely enjoyable – instructive and to the point without being boring, just like our books.

A quick thanks to Sarfraz for taking the time out to record these videos. He is our content development head and he also looks after the day to day operations of the company, in addition to taking a few classes, so he barely gets any time. We gave him less than a month but he made sure he completed every single one of the videos in that time. Thanks to this fact, some of these videos were recorded in his office and some even in his car (so please excuse the occasional sound of traffic).  Please also excuse the chirping of birds (since he recorded some of the videos at his farm) and the occasional bark (Sarfraz has seven dogs!).

You must have got the idea by now, we have tried to keep these videos as personal as possible – directly from Sarfraz to you. We have hardly done any editing because we want you to feel as if you are sitting in a live doubt clearing session with Sarfraz.  We want the maximum number of students to benefit from these videos, which is why we have kept them free. You can also directly communicate with Sarfraz by posting on his dedicated thread on our Forums or emailing him on

 OG 13/2015 Critical Reasoning videos


Most students struggle on CR questions because they haven’t understood the argument or the stimulus correctly. It is this understanding that we want to drill into you through these videos.

To get the most out of these videos, we suggest you first read an argument and paraphrase it by yourself. Then go through the options and try to select the correct answer. Once you have selected an option that you think is the correct answer, play the video for that question and see how Sarfraz paraphrases/understands the argument. Then pause the video and go back to your selected option and see if you still like it. In case you don’t, try to select another option that you think looks correct now. Finally, play the rest of the video and watch Sarfraz take you through the options and see how he selects or eliminates options.  You’ll be surprised to see how many questions you will be able to get correct by yourself just because you have understood the argument the way it was supposed to be understood. Your accuracy and confidence will skyrocket by the time you are done with all the questions.

Here are the CR videos:








Q118, Q119Q120Q121Q122Q123Q124


OG 13/2015 Reading Comprehension videos

2While you will see videos for Sentence Correction and even for Critical Reasoning, you will barely find any videos taking you through RC questions. There are plenty of videos discusing RC strategies but barely any that take you through questions. Weirdly, RC is where students struggle the most since there are no short cut rules that one can apply.

The best way to understand how to read and comprehend a passage is to see how an expert would do it. We suggest you first read a passage and attempt all the questions on your own. Then come to the video and watch Sarfraz take you through the passage; see the things he focuses on and the things he ignores and compare that with what you had done. Once you understand the passage the way Sarfraz has explained, pause the video, go back to the questions that you got wrong and see if you can get to the correct answer now (you will be surprised to see how many questions you will get right by yourself). Then come back to the video and watch Sarfraz take you through each question, agan paying attention to how he eliminates or selects options.

By the time you are done with all the passages, you will see that your reading style would have changed drastically and your accuracy drastically improved, even on difficult passages. That is the idea behind these videos!

Here are the RC videos:

Passage 1Q1Q2Q3Q4

Passage 2Q5Q6Q7

Passage 3Q8Q9Q10

Passage 4Q11Q12Q13

Passage 5Q14Q15Q16Q17

Passage 6 –  Q18Q19, Q20Q21Q22Q23Q24Q25

Passage 7Q26Q27Q28Q29Q30

Passage 8 –  Q31Q32Q33Q34Q35Q36

Passage 9 –  Q37Q38Q39Q40Q41

Passage 10Q42Q43Q44

Passage 11Q45Q46Q47Q48Q49Q50Q51

Passage 12 –  Q52Q53, Q54Q55

Passage 13 –  Q56Q57Q58Q59Q60Q61Q62

Passage 14 –  Q63Q64Q65Q66Q67Q68

Passage 15 –  Q69Q70, Q71Q72Q73Q74

Passage 16 –  Q75Q76Q77Q78Q79Q80Q81Q82Q83

Passage 17 –  Q84Q85Q86

Passage 18 –  Q87, Q88Q89Q90Q91Q92

Passage 19Q93Q94Q95Q96Q97Q98

Passage 20 –  Q99Q100Q101Q102Q103

Passage 21 –  Q104Q105Q106Q107Q108Q109Q110

Passage 22Q111Q112Q113Q114

Passage 23Q115Q116Q117, Q118, Q119

Passage 24Q120Q121Q122Q123Q124, Q125, Q126Q127

Passage 25Q128Q129Q130Q131, Q132, Q133

Passage 26 –  Q134Q135Q136Q137Q138, Q139