GRE Verbal Grail sample

GRE Verbal Grail is the most comprehensive book available in the market for GRE Verbal. While most other books cover the verbal topics superficially, the GRE Verbal Grail goes in-depth into each topic and provides 100 practice questions from each area. Download this sample to see what is inside the book

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Starting with the GRE prep ? Beware of these myths!

In this article, we discuss about some common myths about the GRE. Myth #1: Taking the GRE more than once is going to hamper my admission chances Nothing could be far from the truth. Taking the GRE twice isn’t going to have any negative effect on your application. The Admission committees at graduate schools understand […]

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How to write a winning SOP ?

You’d have heard that your GRE score and your undergraduate GPA are important determiners to the success of your application. True, they are important but would these two components alone give you admits to your desired schools ? No, they won’t! Let’s do some math to understand why they won’t:  Suppose 100 candidates take the […]

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Which type of GRE candidate are you?

Have you ever wondered how do some candidates ace the GRE while the rest get disappointed by their scores. What is that the successful candidates do that gives them the advantage over others ? We tried determining whether there are any observable patterns in the preparation strategies of candidates and whether it is possible to […]

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Five ways to hit your target GRE score

Acing the GRE is not easy. It’s difficult . There are a lot of factors which will determine your chances of success but here are five most important things which you need to do in order to succeed on the GRE. 1. Develop overall competency If you want to achieve a good GRE score, one […]

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