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Critical Reasoning Practice Question Bank

Many GMAT instructors recommend students to practice from LSAT Logical Reasoning questions to improve their accuracy in critical reasoning questions. While overall this strategy is fine, one problem students face is that a lot of the questions on the LSAT are not representative of those on the GMAT; some have dubious answers while some are of a question type that is not tested on the GMAT at all. To help students overcome this problem we, at Aristotle, have come out with compilation of  101 LSAT questions that are very similar to those that students are likely to see on the GMAT. All these questions have been compiled from past official LSAT tests (tests which are readily available in the public domain) and we haven‟t made any changes to these .We advise you to do the questions in this questionbank only when you are done with the Official Guide CR questions as the difficulty level of these questions is higher than those in the OGs.We hope that this questionbank will surely give your preparation a boost.

GMAT CR Set 1 (30952)