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Ten commandments of the B-school Application process

December 15, 2011

in MBA Application, Post GMAT written by Team Aristotle (No comments yet)

A new season.A new bunch of applicants raring to set out on the journey to their dream B-schools. Anxiety,passion,hardwork,fear-a couple of the many adjectives which describe the grueling application process to the B-schools.Unless you have a strategy in place,the entire application process can seem daunting and tedious.A well thought out plan/strategy ensures that you’ve clearly defined goals,essential to approach the application process,which may stretch over a period of 4-6 months,systematically. Here are the ten commandments of the B-school Application Process to ensure a hassle free application process and to ensure that you come out with flying colors.

1. Thou shall be done with the GMAT by end July.

2. Thou shall apply to 5 schools, the optimum number of schools in the application season.

3. Thou shall apply to only 2-3 schools in each round to avoid the quality of your applications to take a beating.

4. Thou shall research the schools well and have the facts, stats and all the information you may need about the schools on your fingertips.

5. Thou shall attend the MBA Tour, participate in the webinars conducted by schools and get in touch with fellow applicants through forums and communities on the internet.

6. Thou shall be extra nice and complaisant to your manager -for he is the going to be the “Reco man”.

7. Thou shall make sure that you send the transcripts to the respective schools well on time instead of mailing them at the last moment and then keeping your fingers crossed that DHL delivers them on time.

8. Thou shall settle for nothing less than “killer essays”; just ”good” essays aren’t even an option.

9. Thou shall get your essays reviewed by two more people who can provide a good critique of your essays.

10. Last but not the least, thou shall maintain the momentum throughout your application cycle. Everyone starts the application process with great enthusiasm only to realize that it’s quite treacherous and then that “cycle of procrastination” starts only to make you realize that the deadlines are looming. recommend that not only do you read but also write down the points above.