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Our 2017 GMAT books come with Expert Speak videos

September 28, 2016

in Books, GMAT written by Team Aristotle (1 comment)

One of the unique features of the 2017 ed of our GMAT books is the inclusion of Expert Speak videos. These videos can be accessed instantly on your mobile device as you read through the book and provide a much more integrated learning experience.cr_grail_cover

So what is the rationale behind these videos?

As we brainstormed on how to make our books even better, we realized that there were certain concepts that could be explained much more clearly by showing rather than by writing.  We could have always created a video series as a supplement to the book but that wouldn’t have provided students the learning experience that we had in mind. The idea was to provide students access to videos on the spot – as they read about something in the book, they should immediately be able to watch the video related to that concept.


The only way to do this was to make the videos available on a mobile device such as a cellular phone or a tablet and that is exactly what we have done. At different places in the books, you will find QR codes that are linked to specific videos.  You simply need to scan the QR code using your phone/tablet and you can see the video immediately.

As we had expected, the addition of these videos provides a whole new learning experience and makes the entire learning exercise much more interactive. We believe that, going forward, more and more books across industry and topic will adopt this pedagogy and we are glad to be at the forefront of this innovation.

To experience these ‘Expert Speak’ videos for yourself, download sample copies of our books from here.

  • Sameer Makker

    Hey, I recently bought the RC Grail from Amazon. I’m not able to access the Expert Speak sessions as I couldn’t find any product key number at the end of my book. There was an envelope, but it didn’t have any key