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The Unofficial GMAT Vlog is here

Unofficial: informal;casual; unorthodox; not politically correct GMAT: gateway to the best international B-schools Vlog: a blog in which the postings are primarily in the form of videos ———————————————————————————————————- At Aristotle Prep, we have a co founder – Sarfraz – who best epitomizes everything that the word unofficial stands for – he is informal, unorthodox and definitely not politically […]

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Ten commandments of the B-school Application process

A new season.A new bunch of applicants raring to set out on the journey to their dream B-schools. Anxiety,passion,hardwork,fear-a couple of the many adjectives which describe the grueling application process to the B-schools.Unless you have a strategy in place,the entire application process can seem daunting and tedious.A well thought out plan/strategy ensures that you’ve clearly […]

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How to write great essays?

For most students, writing the admission essays can be as arduous a task as the preparation for the GMAT. Essays form an incredibly important component of the application package. Essays along with LORs tell the admission committee about the person you are-the different experiences you possess, the aspirations you have, the personality traits which make […]

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