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The Unofficial GMAT Vlog is here

Unofficial: informal;casual; unorthodox; not politically correct GMAT: gateway to the best international B-schools Vlog: a blog in which the postings are primarily in the form of videos ———————————————————————————————————- At Aristotle Prep, we have a co founder – Sarfraz – who best epitomizes everything that the word unofficial stands for – he is informal, unorthodox and definitely not politically […]

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The 2017 edition of our GMAT books is here!

We are very excited to announce the release of the 2017 edition of our bestselling GMAT books. Yes, you heard it right! We have given all our six verbal books an overhaul and made them even more cutting edge for students preparing for the GMAT. Here is what is new in the 2017 ed of the […]

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Download samples of 2017 ed of our books

These samples are meant to give you a flavor of what that book contains. You will also be able to access the videos in the samples without needing any password or login details. Simply download any QR code reader from the app store (Apple)/Google Play (Android) and use it to scan the QR code in the […]

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Wiley to publish Aristotle Prep books!

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Aristotle Prep has joined hands with Wiley as its publishing partner. All our books will henceforth be published and distributed exclusively by Wiley under the ‘Wiley-Aristotle‘ brand. Wiley is one of the world’s biggest and most reputed publishers of higher education books and also publishes the Official Guide to the […]

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Our 2017 GMAT books come with Expert Speak videos

One of the unique features of the 2017 ed of our GMAT books is the inclusion of Expert Speak videos. These videos can be accessed instantly on your mobile device as you read through the book and provide a much more integrated learning experience. So what is the rationale behind these videos? As we brainstormed […]

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GMAT OG 2017 errata file

The 2017 edition of the Official Guide to the GMAT was released earlier this year and, to everyone’s surprise, it was full of typos and other errors. While the GMAT did realize its mistake and reprint the book with a different cover page, thousands of copies of the book had already been sold. If your […]

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GMAT Official Guide 2016 New Questions’ List

The Official Guide 2016 has finally been released across the globe and, as was being conjectured, it does contain around 25-30% new questions. Click the link below to download the list of these new questions across all five topics – PS, DS, SC, CR, and RC. GMAT OG 2016 New Questions’ List

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List of Difficult Quant questions in OG 13/2015

You may have read in a lot of places or you may have heard from a lot of people that the Quant questions in the OG 13/2015 are not particularly difficult. This specially holds true for the Problem Solving section, since the Data Sufficiency section still contains quite a few tricky questions. So, does this mean […]

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GMAT introduces a brilliant new Score Preview Feature

In news that has just come in from the GMAC, a new Score Preview feature has been added to the GMAT exam that will considerably help reduce the stress levels of students taking the test. Here is the description of the new feature straight from the updated GMAT Handbook: —————————————————————————————— ACCEPT YOUR SCORE When you […]

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GMAT Official Guide 2015 coming in July 2014

A lot of you have been asking us over the last few months when the next edition of the GMAT Official Guide was going to be launched. Well here is you answer – the GMAT Official Guide 2015 will be releasing in July 2014 along with the Official Quantitative Review and Verbal Review 2015 guides. […]

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