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80/20 Principle In-Action in Official Guide 13th ed

One of the reasons why candidates do not do well on the GMAT is that they distribute their preparation time uniformly across all areas. Instead of prioritizing and determining focus areas, they put the same amount of effort on all the different topics. For example, in Critical Reasoning, if you are spending as much time on Parallel Reasoning type of Questions as on Assumption questions, you are heading for trouble. This is because on the actual GMAT, at best you will get only one parallel reasoning question, while there will be quite a few assumptions questions.

So how do you determine which areas should you focus on to maximize your verbal score ? Well, you don’t have to because we have done that work for you. This document will help you determine which should be your focus areas for the GMAT and will help you distribute your time accordingly.
Pareto Principle In-Action in OG 13th edition (2529)